Sunday, March 10, 2013

Minnesota CAPA - Round 2

It appears that CAPA has been introduced yet again in Minnesota, both in the House (HF391) and the Senate (SF1204).

After reading through the bills, it appears all the same issues exist as when it was introduced last year, so there's no use in rehashing.  Hopefully other states will continue to look to Delaware and see the tremendous costs that we've incurred in endless investigations, costly litigation, and now a new agency has even been discussed to clean up our animal welfare mess that resulted.  And our animal welfare laws are apparently such a mess that the recent animal welfare task force and the legislators we pay to write laws could not address the issues directly, so are transferring that responsibility to a new agency that will be paid for at taxpayer expense.

Minnesota residents should take a long look at your future under CAPA by going to some of the posts on this blog and decide if this is what you want for the animals in your state.  Consider the fact that most our shelters have had deficits as a result of CAPA and trying to become No-Kill overnight.

CAPA hasn't saved animals lives, it's merely closed animal shelter doors to our animals.

Here is last years recap of just some of the issues with MN CAPA, both then and with this year's versions.
MN CAPA - Complicated Regulations Harm Pet Care