Friday, January 1, 2016

Senator Blevins Legacy - Jobs Lost, Families Impacted, Animals Harmed

Political corruption may have resulted in the end of an era, but we won't forget the good folks at First State Animal Center and SPCA who are losing their jobs tonight due to the corruption of Senator Blevins and her friends.  These folks have gotten tens of thousands of animals back home or adopted out to new families, cleaned up feral dog populations that used to exist downstate making residents safer, kept all of us safe from dangerous dogs.  They did all this in spite of the backstabbing and corruption that has been spewed at them as Senator Blevins, Governor Markell's advisor, a corrupt New Castle County auditor, and some other shelters that tried to put the FSAC "underwater".

FSAC Dispatch Staff

FSAC Animal Control Staff
I certainly wish the FSAC folks the best in their future endeavors, and hopefully their families and friends, and the rest of us will take the time to consider the corrupt political circumstances that led up to this change, and make sure that we aren't voting in state senators or representatives that are as equally vile as Senator Blevins.  We can also hope that some of these FSAC folks and the rest of us have friends or family that live in Senator Blevins district and will get the word out about the corruption that occurred.

While Senator Blevins and her friends may not care that they have taken the livelihood away from this folks and their families, many of us find that fact horrifying and unsettling.

While many other job losses are being incurred in Delaware due to corporate greed and short term thinking in our financial markets, we also have to wonder whether some of those other job losses are also due to the political corruption that so many of us have seen when we have senators that openly state they want to put a company "underwater".  What company wants to take that risk that they could be next, or that their competitor may be friends with one of our senators?

At least First State Animal Center and their employees can look back at their many accomplishments and be proud, especially since they've had to deal with the majority of animals in the state for a number of years, with alot less resources than our other shelters on a per animal basis.

Hopefully as more and more people see through the corruption in Delaware, we will start to see voters embrace change and get rid of the toxic lawmakers who are such an embarrassment to our state. But even if some of these folks remain in office and their corrupt layman friends still have the senators ears and their political wallets, at least I take solace in the belief that we will all answer for our actions someday. Those who work hard and treat their fellow man well will be rewarded and those that harm their fellow man and who lie, cheat, and steal will have to answer for their action.

We all generally have an idea of of whether we've acted with honesty, dignity, and integrity, or whether we fall in the opposite end of the spectrum. While the political players, who have done the harm to the FSAC families and to the animals for the last 5 years may try to convince the public that their actions were necessary, they know the same truth that we've seen in their emails which shows it was much more about a power plays and photo ops for their ascent in the public eye.  That lack of honesty and integrity is not something I would want to live with as my legacy.

So at the very least, we can all enter this new year giving thanks that we aren't Senator Blevins or the other folks in her cabal, because they have do to live with the fact that have harmed the individuals and families of the folks that worked at their failed attempt at Safe Haven who lost jobs and now the job losses that have occurred at FSAC as they eliminate the competition.  They also have to live with the the fact that they have increased the unwanted animal population in our state by leaving cats on the streets as  result of the shut shelter doors that CAPA created, and they have to live with the many horrid deaths that occur in that increased animal population from death and injury by predators, cars, abuse, torture, etc.  I know if I had acted as they have, that degree of harm to others and to the animals would haunt me in my nightmares.

So I hope the FSAC folks take comfort by remembering your legacy of helping so many animals and consider how much better off you are than the corrupt folks that created this situation, because your legacy will live on in each family that has gotten their four legged family member back or the folks who have been blessed with a new family member through adoption.  I know my family is grateful for the addition to our family that came from FSAC and I'm sure there are many that feel the same way across the state.  I wish you all the best, a happy new year, and hopefully there will be a day when justice is served on your behalf.