Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Passing The Buck - Cruelest State In The Nation

CAPA has put Delaware to the top of the class, it's just not in a class that most of us wanted to be in.  What was created as essentially a harassment tool against one shelter, the Kent County SPCA, has also become a weapon of cruelty to the very animals that the no-kill movement claims to be fighting for.

It wasn't surprising when we saw the hypocrisy in the state, when it was stated by Safe Haven that CAPA did not cost more despite the fact that Kent County SPCA's financials and common sense show it did.  While at the same time watching the Wilmington contract, where the no-kill shelter tied to so many of our state politicians, advocated for more money for a fellow no-kill shelter.  In that case the no-kill shelter apparently needed a 37% increase in their contract.  It wasn't even surprising when we saw the Kent County Levy Court wash their hands of the humane care portions of Title 9 under their new contract with Safe Haven, and try to claim everything in the humane care section should be considered cruelty and stay in Kent County SPCA's hands, who is not paid for that service they perform on behalf of the state.  I guess when politicians start making decisions that essentially said we don't want to deal with humane care as a citation offense under Title 9, we'll just sit back and wait until it escalates to cruelty, then we should have known we were headed down an ugly slope into a cruel world for our companion animals.

Over the last week there have been 2 cases that show the cruel world that has been created by our state legislators, governor, and Kent County Levy Court commissioners.  In our new no-kill aspired world, cats have been left to fend for themselves.  As previously discussed, there is no doubt that our cat population is on the increase due to the misguided forces that made it too expensive for a shelter to pick them up even if they think it's more humane, since each animal has to be treated at great cost if they are sick or injured in any way.  Below you will see just how cruel our state has become.

Two Cats Hit By Cars

The first cat story I saw last week was regarding a Milford cat.  The woman called Safe Haven, Kent County Levy Court, and the Delaware State Police.  The police finally got the KCSPCA to respond.  Keep in mind that the page below is run by the very people making complaints against the KCSPA discussed previously.  And if you go to this Facebook page, you will see the they have Liked our commissioner that lead the way down this path in Kent County.  So it's no surprise that they think KCSPCA should bring their officers away from their posts in New Castle County or Sussex County County to come help a cat injured and in need of assistance, since our new dog control contractor Safe Haven and the Kent County Levy Court apparently does not have the same compassion for an injured cat.  Thank you KCSPCA for being the organization that cares.

The second case I saw was posted on the WBOC Facebook page.  According to the post below, the individual contacted KCSPCA, who as noted previously would have their officers in the other 2 counties, so the shelter referred them to Safe Haven who has the contract in Kent County.  For those out of state, here is a link to the state map showing the various dog control contracts.  Safe Haven referred them back to KCSPCA yet again, just like in the Milford case.  The post shows how frustrating it is to see a severely injured cat (back half of body smashed, ribs back) and not be able to find help for the cat.   She mentions being transferred around, and eventually ends up contacting the Dept of Agriculture.  There the state vet apparently contacted the KCSPCA to see if they could respond.  And yes, yet again, KCSPCA did bring one of their officers to the area to pick up the cat, despite the fact that their officers are not patrolling this county.  So again, Kent County residents should be grateful that one shelter cared enough to pick up this gravely injured cat in our county, rather than allow it to suffer even longer, and sadly it wasn't the shelter that our tax dollars are going to.

If this is just a couple cases found on the internet within a few days of each other, I can only imagine the unspeakable horrors that animals are facing in this state, especially here in Kent County, as the no-kill shelters continue to pass the buck onto KCSPCA.  I understand the intent of CAPA is to drive KCSPCA out of business, so the no-kill shelters can extort an endless supply of funds from the state and county taxpayer for their no-kill adventure, just like Austin.  But how many animals are they, and their political partners, willing to allow to suffer like this to gain a little notoriety in the no-kill circles?