Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No-Kill Sanctuary??? - Caboodle Ranch

Definition of sanctuary - a place of refuge or safety.

I've seen various "no-kill" advocate pages that reference Caboodle Ranch as a sanctuary model in the past.  The sad part about those posts, is that they were made despite the fact that there have been concerns about the conditions the cats at this "sanctuary/rescue" for some time. Thankfully, PETA and ASPCA were finally able to uncover the condtions that these poor animals were living under, and are in the process of triaging 700 cats . 


The following statement at Philly.com couldn't have said it any better:
"No cats turned away."
Words that ought to set off alarm bells to anyone truly concerned about animal welfare. Philly.com

So whether it's CAPA (Companion Animal Protection Act), FARA (Florida Animal Rescue Act), or New York's CAARA, these types of laws have the potential to escalate hoarding to an even greater level if they pass.  The core standard promoted by these various legislations is the ability of rescues to pull animal's from animal shelters.  In most cases, a rescue merely needs to be approved as an IRS non-profit.  I wonder how much the animal hoarding cases will increase if any of these legislations are passed? 

Fortunately, in the case of cats at Caboodle Ranch,  the cavalry has arrived.  I'm sure we will be seeing posts on various Facebook pages taking shots at PETA and ASPCA for their investigation, and complaining about the sick animals being euthanized.  This is yet another case where animals lives were not enhanced by the "no-kill" philosophy of saving every animal at any cost.  In my opinion, the cost to the cats at Caboodle Ranch was far too high.