Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hate Doesn't Pay, But Good Deeds Do

Apparently donors nationally are seeing that they can help animals more by sending their dollars to organizations who actually help animals, rather than organizations who just spew hate against other organizations and animal shelters with books like Redemption, Irreconcilable Differences, and Friendly Fire.  

I mean really, who wants to donate to organizations who deletes comments as soon as someone doesn't walk in lock step with them?  And more importantly, who wants to donate to organizations who just have conferences and red carpet events, and spits out a few brochures rather than directly helping animals that they cry about other organizations not doing enough for?

Here's what PETA accomplished in the last financial statement available.  

Sadly, the others merely made their maniacal mystery tour around the United States last year, in many cases in front of alot of empty seats, and there's a reason for that.  

Organizations that spend their time spewing hate may get a certain following, and whimper along for years or even decades, but they don't grow because people eventually figure out that they have nothing positive to offer.

The "No-Kill" movement may have won in Delaware and the animals in Delaware will pay for that mistake. but the movement has been a miserable failure in every other state.  I'm sure that is part to the credit of other states, but also in part to the corruption that allowed the extremist agenda to gain a foothold here in Delaware. 

Fortunately numbers don't lie, and I suspect we will have plenty to talk about next fall during election time in Delaware regarding the number of animals that are turned away and the number of taxpayer dollars that will be used for Senator Blevins and friends to have their photo ops.