Monday, September 23, 2013

The Bipolar Roller Coaster

For the last few months, the bipolar roller coaster has been making it's way through the first state.  There is not a lot to say in this post, the headlines speak for themselves.  Sadly, with no real standards or inspections, there is little anyone can do, even if this shelter continues to operate short staffed and lacking medical care due to not having a vet.  

- June 21 - Safe Haven could close its doors

- June 25 - Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary to Remain Open for Now

- July 23 - Safe Haven shelter to close from fiscal woes 

- July 25 - Safe Haven rethinks closing animal shelter

- July 26 - Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary set to close...or, maybe not

- July 28 - Despite closing rumors, Safe Haven promotes summer-long adoption special

- Aug 9  - Safe Haven regroups as community pulls together

- Sept 19 - Kent SPCA assumes county dog control duties early
                 Safe Haven announces the closing of its facility on 9/27/2013

I really wonder how our state leaders and the "No-Kill" leader that supports this nonsense sleep at night.  I understand wanting to save the 140 dogs that remain, but due to the constant emotional blackmail of the last few months, the market here is saturated and the rescues are as well.  In addition, many have reported that some of the dogs have temperament issues, which is understandable given the amount of time that some have spent being warehoused in boarding kennels.  If they don't have money to pay staff, according to the email circulated, it will be curious to see how they will hire the caliber of behaviorist that will be needed to rehabilitate some of these dogs.  We all hope for the best for the dogs, but I also hope that the public's well being is considered as we watch the mad dash to get the dogs adopted out.

And due to the "cry wolf" game, I can't imagine who is going to step in and help when this truly comes crashing down, or how many animals will die or suffer because of lack of staff and the fact that this animal shelter has already had disease issues. Wonder which direction this roller coaster ride will take us next?