Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kent County Levy Court - Get Your Story Straight

Are there Kent County residents looking for their lost dogs that might have already be found?  Considering there are 120+ Kent County dogs sitting in boarding kennels in addition to those in Safe Haven, that may be the case.

The Kent County Levy Court and their vendor can't even get their stories in sync regarding the shelter's hours open to the public.  The main image here is from the Kent County Levy Court quarterly newsletter, and the bottom right insert is from Safe Havens website. I wonder how many Kent County Residents can't find their dogs as a result of this incompetence?

Even though the recent Cape Gazette article referenced 120 dogs in boarding kennels and 80 in the shelter, there aren't 200 dogs listed on their website. Considering Safe Haven isn't open normal business hours like other shelters to physically look for your missing dog, and the fact that residents are continually being given incorrect information by our county, having pictures of ALL dogs is crucial to ensure misinformed residents can find their dogs.
By law, all animal shelters are required to keep regular hours to allow the public to view and adopt animals. Until Oct. 26, Safe Haven had no public hours, instead prompting residents to view dogs online and then call to make an appointment.
Gryczon said she has 28 employees, but they are not ready or fully trained in order to open the six days a week more typical of shelter operations.
Of the nearly 200 dogs in Safe Haven’s care, only 80 are living at the Shingle Point Road facility outside Georgetown, Gryczon said. The remaining 120 dogs, Gryczon said, are divided among two off-site kennels, one in Kent County and one in Sussex, she said. - Task force to hear animal welfare concerns by Rachel Mavity - Cape Gazette - Nov 23, 2012
If any Kent County resident has lost a dog in recent months and hasn't been able to find it, please contact your Levy Court Commissioner and request access to Safe Haven, and all kennel facilities where they are holding dogs, so you can look for your dog!!!