Saturday, September 29, 2012

Neighborhood Feuds and Property Rights

It was bad enough when police and the bomb squad had to be brought in for a box of kittens dumped at a McDonalds.  Now we have graduated to the Hatfield and McCoys type of neighborhood feuds.  
"Masso's neighbors, the Ryans, set up two animal traps on their front porch a few weeks ago. Laura Ryan said cats were defecating on her front step, and that it had become a health issue. Ryan said since they put out the traps, they've captured seven or eight cats." - WBOC
Yet again, taxpayers dollars being wasted on the the ramifications of CAPA, and we have another case of multiple agencies being pulled away from real crime to deal with our ballooning cat population that is resulting from no longer having any open access shelter because of the costs associated with CAPA.  In this case, the police have been involved, since the article mentions that one of the neighbors has been arrested for trespassing.  Another neighbor has "contacted the Delaware Attorney General's office" over a missing cat.    

Our situation in Delaware is getting so ridiculous that I'm waiting for the FBI to be called in if the police suspect the cats have been kidnapped across state lines. And maybe the next step will be the state setting up an animal CSI unit to establish cause of death every time a cat dies, because of suspicion that a neighbor wanted rid of the cats and possibly dealt with the situation in a less than humane manner.  For that matter, I think Beau Biden is going to need to setup a whole section in the Attorney General office just to deal with the alleged crimes against cats.  Hopefully no residents will be raped or murdered while these agencies are busy investigating the kidnapping of cats.

This is what happens when there is no longer a shelter option for animals.   And yet Delaware's state leadership continues to stand by and PRETEND that CAPA is accomplishing something other than wasting resources, bankrupting our shelters, and harming animals.