Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kent County - July 1 Has Arrived

Well the clock has struck midnight and we enter a new day in Kent County.  As I previously posted, Kent County Levy Commissioners chose not to accept Kent County SPCA's proposed 6 month extension for dog control, and voted to allow negotiations with Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary.  While Safe Haven is currently open under a limited basis and a limited number of staff, they have said that they could provide services for Kent County by mid July.  I can't say what the terms of the contract are yet, but based on the discussion at the recent Levy Court meeting, mid July is the only estimate we have heard.

None of us are certain what will happen to dogs in our county in the interim.  My suggestion to residents is to make certain your dogs are secure.  If a loose dog in your area is friendly and approaches you, check for tags and be a good neighbor to try and get it home.  If the dog appears aggressive or injured, and there is a concern for the safety of children in your vicinity, your best option is to contact your local police agency.

These are only my suggestions.  I checked the Kent County Levy Court website and it's unfortunate that they have chosen not to address what citizens of our county should do during this interim period in their current news section.  It certainly doesn't instill confidence in their judgment.