Thursday, November 24, 2011

No-Kill's New Tool - Flash Mob or Cyberbullying ?

It was amusing tonight to watch as the national leaders of the no-kill movement encouraged and participated in a cyberbully attack of the ASPCA Facebook page.  How sad it is that these leaders, and the individuals that follow them, have so little influence that they have to promote a cyber attack against ASPCA to reach a larger audience, instead of doing good works to bring in more followers of their own.  But I guess that would require hard work, rather than sitting on the sidelines telling everyone else what they are doing wrong.

The cyberbullying encouragement was also posted on various no-kill Facebook pages.

Below are some of the screenshots from the attack.

In this one you can see where they even try to stomp down one of the ASPCA’s many fans.

Sitting on the sidelines and complaining about others who are doing the work is also apparent on the No-Kill Delaware Facebook page. They post of their expectation that one shelter should do all the work and what they think is being done wrong, but these complainers haven’t shown us any real results themselves.  It’s a sad statement about the current state of animal welfare. 
A prime example of the laziness of these individuals is a post from this week.  For the last couple of weeks, the national no-kill movement has harped on the “extremist” label, then lo and behold, a post appears on the NKD Facebook page that a shelter director here called them “extremists”.  What original thinkers they are!

But I guess sitting on the sidelines telling everyone else what they are doing wrong is much easier than dealing with the volume of animals that the shelter handles.  I don't get the feeling that hard work is in the gene pool of many of them based on the fact that many of their posts are during the work day, particularly on the No-Kill Delaware website.
One of the items that offended me the most about the No-Kill Delaware Facebook post in the screenshot above was their self comparison to Martin Luther King, Jr..  Do these posters seriously think they in anyway compare?? 
Martin Luther King was viewed as a radical extremist for advocating civil rights and the end of Jim Crow. - No-Kill Delaware
Do they even understand that Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophy revolved around positive change, not the negative path the No-Kill Delaware group consistently takes?
We will not build a peaceful world by following a negative path. It is not enough to say "We must not wage war." It is necessary to love peace and sacrifice for it. We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war, but on the positive affirmation of peace. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hope the many groups that Nathan Winograd and the national no-kill movement attacks continue to work toward collaboration and don't allow themselves to be bullied by the negative attacks and cyberbullying tactics (ASPCA, Best Friends, HSUS, Maddie's FundMayor's Alliance for NYC's Anmals, and many others).  If these groups give in to the bullying and don't continue down the path of collaboration, donor dollars will start to pull away from animal welfare and the animals will lose out on the limited resources at our disposal now.