Friday, March 12, 2021

The Increasing Costs of CAPA Continue in Delaware

Yes, escalating costs were predicted from the start of Delaware's animal welfare drama 10 years, and as we see it continues.  

"The Sussex County Council, at its Tuesday, March 9, meeting, approved a funding increase for its contribution to the state Office of Animal Welfare, from $768,000 to $853,422. The money will come from the County’s General Fund." - Coastal Point

You do have to laugh at the financial logic of the State of Delaware.  The population may have increased 1% this last year, yet the state is making Sussex County pay 11% more.  Guess there's a 10% surcharge.  

"Christine Motoyoshi, executive director of the Office of Animal Welfare, told council members the increase will be used to hire three more staff members and to adjust need based on the state’s population growth."  

All the while, the state's contracted shelter imports cats and dogs at amazing levels to sell in our state, while remaining limited intake to state residents.  Other states must be really happy that Delaware counties are willing to pay the increasing cost to take their animals, especially while leaving our own cats on the streets.